Terms & Conditions

By browsing and ordering through this website ("website"), which is operated by Horizon Wholefoods Limited you agree to the terms and conditions below.

New Customers

To register trade customers are required to provide bank and two trade references. We happily break most (but not all) packs to as little as 3 singles for Trade customers. Please ask for details.

Cash & Carry and Collation

Collated and collected orders will attract an extra discount of 1% (trade customers only). Minimum Order for all collecting trade customers is an invoiced total of £50 excluding VAT.

Please allow 24 hours for pre-pack orders. We will collate orders without notice as quickly as we can but cannot guarantee that it will be without delay.


Delivery is free to trade customers subject to a minimum invoiced total of £200 within East Anglia, £100 within Norwich Ring Road and £350 elsewhere in the UK. These amounts are calculated excluding VAT and after out of stock items have been deducted so if you are skirting close to a minimum please be prepared to order alternative items.

We will be pleased to phone you for your order. We need your order at 10.30 am on the working day before delivery.

We are happy to add extra items to your order (just once please) but cannot do so after 3.00 pm on the day before delivery. This is because safe and legal delivery driving schedules and paperwork will have been finalised.

In order for claims for shortages and damaged goods to be allowed we require all deliveries to be checked and delivery notes signed. Signing ‘goods unchecked' will not suffice. We ask that invoicing queries be notified to our office before the driver has left your premises and that customers do not make unauthorised adjustments to their payments. We can credit by phone whilst the driver is present.


We are experienced at export orders which are sold delivered to any UK address or ex works. Onward transport can be arranged and is charged at cost.

Returned Goods

Goods should be accompanied by their appropriate invoice or debit note. If not returned, or informed, within three days, returns may not be accepted. We cannot credit for goods which are not returned to us or goods which have been priced up or otherwise damaged. Due to the nature of the goods some may contain impurities. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the goods are suitable for their intended use as liability for consequential loss is not accepted. We reserve the right not to accept back goods which have been purchased in error.

Specially Ordered Goods

These are goods which we don't usually keep in stock and are indicated in the price list by a symbol. They often have short dates/low volumes and this system allows us to offer the best possible dates after sale. We can only order whole cases and may need up to 14 days for stock to arrive. We will continue to keep your orders for these lines alive until you tell us to stop. These products are under constant review and we upgrade them to normal stock items whenever logistics permit. New retailers may find a useful guide to the popularity or otherwise of some products.


Prices include delivery and are calculated at point of invoice (the time of collection or delivery). So a January promo will not appear on a February delivery but a February one will, irrespective of the date of ordering. It isn’t always possible to keep to listed prices due to market and currency fluctuations, so we reserve the right to change prices although our policy is to keep such changes to a minimum. Please ask for up to date prices if these are important to you. Bulk prices are available by request for tonnes or half tonnes.


Available to trade customers only. Discounts are calculated at point of invoice, not at point of order, and are calculated on Goods Subtotal (excluding VAT and out of stock items). Our policy is to phone where possible notifying out of stocks and a temporary Goods Subtotal allowing adjustments and additions to be made.


Terms are strictly on collection or delivery of goods unless otherwise agreed. We no longer accept cash payment for security reasons. Payment can be by Bank Transfer payment (Sort Code 60-83-71 Account Number 312518876) please provide a remittance advice with your payment or it may be missed, Cheque (not encouraged and trade references may be required), Debit Card or Credit Card (either Visa or Mastercard all surcharged at 1%). Represented cheques will be charged at £10 and 2% of cheque value per representation. We reserve the right to charge interest where representation is not authorised immediately. Goods remain the property of Horizon Wholefoods until paid for in full.

Warehouse Safety

Customers are not allowed in the warehouse under any circumstances. There are some toys in the office for children where orange juice is also available for your offspring. Please help us to keep Horizon Wholefoods a safe work environment by not entering the warehouse area and please do not feed the forklift drivers.

Organic Goods

We are pack and produce Organic foods. We apply regularly for the appropriate Organic certifications.

GM Foods

As Horizon is continuing the going concern of Rainbow Wholefoods Wholesale, whose was a founder of Genetic Food Alert we comply with their requirements as to GM standards. Suppliers are requested to ensure that goods delivered are GM free. This requirement is restated on every purchase order that we make.

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