1. 10 Tips for Going Vegan the (Almost) Easy Way

    10 Tips for Going Vegan the (Almost) Easy Way

    Even if you are already vegetarian or eat next to no meat/fish whatsoever, that final hurdle into going totally vegan can be the most challenging of all.

    The good news - perseverance pays off. Not only this, but the trials, errors and personal experiences of millions of vegans can provide a source of inspiration along the way.

    With this in mind, here’s a brief overview of 10 of the most helpful tips, pointers and guidelines that could make your transition to the vegan way of life at least slightly easier:


    1. Reverse Your Viewpoint

    First and foremost, it is impossible to make positive life changes if you view them in a negative way. If you see going vegan as something of a punishment or an unpleasant lifestyle adjustment you’re not totally into, it jus

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  2. The Ultimate Vegan FAQ: Top Questions Answered

    The Ultimate Vegan FAQ: Top Questions Answered

    Looking to learn more about the plant-based way of life?

    Detailed below, you’ll find concise answers to a series of important and often asked questions on veganism and plant-based nutrition:


    Q. Is a vegan diet healthy?

    The short answer is yes – a vegan diet can be exceptionally healthy at any stage of life. Excluding animal-based products does not have to mean adversely affecting your intake of key nutrients in any way.

    This is why vegan diets are not only approved, but are actually recommended by many leading public health authorities worldwide.


    Q. Is a vegan diet safe for kids?

    Again, the answer is yes – a vegan diet can be safe and healthy for kids. From toddlers to teens and everything in between, a healthy diet means

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  3. The Vegan Kitchen Pantry: Seven Everyday Essentials

    The Vegan Kitchen Pantry: Seven Everyday Essentials

    The initial stages of transitioning to a vegan diet can be tricky. Sooner or later, you’ll find yourself in a position where you make shopping and cooking decisions instinctively. In the meantime, you may find that shopping for groceries and meal-planning in general require a little more forethought. If you're struggling, just remember why you're making the change. Veganism offers all kinds of benefits for your health, the environment and, crucially, the animals. If you are in it for all the right reasons and enthusiastic, you should have no trouble making the switch and sticking with it permanently.

    The good news is, finding yourself in a position where you have no inspiration in the kitchen whatsoever is unlikely. As long as you keep yourself stocked with the right vegan essentials, you will have no trouble coming up with all the savoury and sweet dishes you’ll ever need.



    The Staples You Need in Your Kitchen

    While there is no blueprint for the ‘perfect’ plant-based pantry, there are certain staples you absolutely need to keep in your kitchen at all times. As long as you have each of the following in your arsenal, you will always find yourself with plenty of scope for creative culinary concoctions to enjoy:


    1. Beans and Legumes

    Along with being a fantastic and delicious source of plant protein, beans and legumes are also versatile in the extreme. They are bursting at the seams with nutritional goodness and can be used to create thousands of inspiring dishes. Hence, keeping a stockpile of beans and legumes (dried and canned) will ensure you have the basis for a wide variety of satisfying recipes.

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  4. Yes - You Can Go Vegan on a Budget

    Yes - You Can Go Vegan on a Budget

    One of the most common myths regarding veganism is that it is a comparatively expensive lifestyle. If not, entirely too expensive for most households to stretch to.

    This is largely to do with the fact that many specialist vegan products on the market can appear overpriced in comparison to non-vegan equivalents (which is something many vegans can relate to) and there are many reasons for this. A lot of specialist vegan products are manufactured by small independent companies who do not benefit from the same economies of scale as large mainstream producers. Further to this, Government subsidies keep prices artificially low on many animal products and ingredients. And a cynic might argue that there are some producers and manufacturers - especially large mainstream companies with little or no interest in the ethics - who use the ‘vegan’ label as little more than an excuse to jack up the prices of the food they sell. 

    But this only applies to a select segment of the market - not the vegan product market in its entirety. In fact, there is no reason why going vegan cannot be comprehensively affordable.

    It’s simply a case of shopping smarter and taking a few tips from those who know how to live a healthy and enjoyable vegan lifestyle on a budget.


    1. Buy in Bulk

    One of the best ways to make the most of your money is to buy in bulk. Many (if not most) of the staples you will come to rely on can be purchased in larger quantities and stored in your pantry indefinitely. Examples of which include rice, pasta, polenta, beans, oats, lentils, chickpeas and so on - all of which cost next to nothing when you buy plenty at once.

    Cans, jars and bottles also become much cheaper when purchased in bulk - wholesale shopping is, therefore, the way to go where available.


    2. Watch the Seasons

    This is a tip for affordable shopping that applies across all dietary preferences without exception. By familiarising yourself with the products in season from one time of year to the next, you can plan both your shopping and meal preparation accordingly.

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