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About us

Horizon Wholefoods; A new name with established principles.

Originally founded by a well known and health-conscious entrepreneur nearly 40 years ago, we are proud of our legacy. As a wholesale wholefoods provider, we offer customers the finest healthy, vegan and vegetarian wholefoods available at consistently reasonable prices. We always offer a swift, efficient and friendly service to satisfy every customer.

As of 2020, a well established Norwich based wholefoods wholesale outfit was acquired and rebranded as Horizon Wholefoods.

Don't worry, we're still 100% Vegetarian, GM-free and dedicated to Organic food with ethical sourcing. We still offer extensive Fair Trade, Gluten-Free and Vegan ranges.

The "Our customers come first" creed remains a core principle we adhere to every day, and our strict quality assurance still guarantees the best standard of produce is delivered every time.

We've gone to great lengths to make sure everything our customers loved about our offering and legacy is retained as we look to the future with Horizon Wholefoods. Our product ranges, fair prices, great customer service and 100% GM-free promise mean just as much to us as they always have.

Horizon Wholefoods warehouse